Basic Guide For Training Guinea Pigs as Pets

With love, patience, and consistent efforts, guinea pigs can be trained to perform various activities.
Training Guinea Pigs
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Are you looking for awesome training guides for your guinea pigs? You’ve got the right place to get started as training guinea pigs is something adorably charming.

Training them brings about a heart-stirring squeak that unarguably tightens our bond with these lovely creatures.

These tender, wooly, and squishy little friends don’t just sit around to be cuddled but they also create a joyful ambiance with their vibrant presence.

However, whatever the level of their charming impact, the owners often grapple with one question – “Can guinea pigs be trained?” The good news is, with the right techniques and copious patience, they certainly can be.

Understanding Your Guinea Pig

To get started with training, one must first understand that guinea pigs are social creatures. They adore the company and enjoy bonding with their human companions, which is essential for better training.

  • Nature: Guinea pigs possess an intriguing mix of timidity and curiosity, which makes them unique. They are usually quite reserved with strangers, but once they trust you, they are not afraid to show their playful side.
  • Communication: Guinea pigs use an array of sound signals to communicate – from appreciative purring when you pet them to a high-pitched squeal when they’re excited.
  • Diet: Hay is the staple diet of guinea pigs, supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-quality pellets. However, favourites like carrots or cucumbers can serve as a delightful and motivating treat during training.
  • Housing: They require ample space to explore, play, and rest. Their cages need bedding, toys, and hidden spots where they can retreat when they want to catch a quick nap.
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Basic Guide For Training Guinea Pigs

Now that you’re acquainted with the fundamental aspects of guinea pigs, let’s take on the path of turning these cute balls of fur into proficient learners.

1. Building Trust: The First Step

Earning your guinea pig’s trust is the first step in training. Be patient, gentle, and consistent. Let them first grow accustomed to your presence.

Spend quality time, pet them gently, talk to them in a soothing voice, and give them their favourite treats. This helps them to identify you as a safe companion.

2. Teaching Basic Commands:

Repetition and reinforcement are the fundamentals here.

Start by teaching them to respond to their own names.

Call their name and when they turn towards you, reward them with a treat.

Conduct these routine exercises, and soon they’ll be responding to their names in no time.

3. Let’s Go For a Walk: Leash Training

Train your guinea pig to walk on a leash. It might sound challenging, but with time and persistence, they can learn to walk with a leash in an open space.

Make sure to use a soft, non-restrictive harness, and initiate these sessions at a slow pace, letting the pet explore its surroundings freely.

4. Maintain Cleanliness: Litter Training

This can be a big saver! Guinea pigs tend to defecate in one corner of their cage. Once you identify this spot, place a litter box there.

Encourage and reward them when they use the litter box. It can take time, but eventually, they’ll learn this cleanliness drill.

Advanced Tricks

Once your guinea pig is comfortable with the basic commands, you can teach them some advanced tricks, like standing on their hind legs or navigating through a tiny obstacle course.

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5.  Let’s Stand Tall: ‘Stand’ Command

Once the basic commands are established, it’s time to move to some enjoyable tricks. The ‘Stand’ command can be very exciting for both you and your guinea pig.

Hold their favourite treat a little above their head and say ‘stand’. When they stand on their hind legs, reward them immediately. With regular practice, they will connect the command with the action.

6. Navigating through Obstacle Courses:

This step would not only entice your guinea pig but also sharpen their mental abilities. Construct a small obstacle course using upturned boxes, tunnels, and steps. Guide them through the course using a treat. Make sure to reward them lavishly for each achievement.

Essential Training Tips and Trick Notes

While training these furry little buddies, always remember, every guinea pig has its own personality and pace of learning. Don’t rush the process, let them take their own time.

A soft treat can do miracles as a reinforcer throughout the training, making the sessions an enjoyable experience for your guinea pig.

Also, remember that guinea pigs get stressed very easily. It’s important to manage and recognize any signs of stress like excessive hiding or chewing of bars in their cages.


While training your guinea pig, celebrate every little progress. Each step your guinea pig takes positively contributes to their learning curve.

Focus on making each training session an enjoyable and bonding experience. That’s when both you and your paw-pal will enjoy this process.

With love, patience, and consistent efforts, guinea pigs can be trained to perform various activities, and this, in turn, boosts the bonding between you. However, high bonding could also lead to what we call “Separation Anxiety“.

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Along with training, ensure your guinea pig has a balanced diet, room to play, and an ample amount of your attention and affection, because, in the end, a happy and healthy pet is all you want.

Guinea pig training is not as complex as one might think, and this guide is certainly your friend in disguise to take you through the process smoothly.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on turning these adorable fluffs into proficient learners!

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