The Best Toys For Your Parakeet (2023)

Tired of your parakeet chewing through the bars of their cage? It's time to get them a toy!
Best Toys For Your Parakeet

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are lively and sociable birds that love to play. They need a variety of toys to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. Here’s a list of the top toys for your parakeet in 2023:

1. Calcium Chewing Toy

Calcium Chewing Toy

Unibene’s Chewing Toy is more than a simple toy for parakeets. In addition to providing entertainment and promoting healthy chewing habits, this 2-pack of Bird Beak Grinding Stones is also a calcium supplement. This chomping toy also contains a small bell to engage your parakeet’s attention.
Calcium Enriched: The grinding stone is made of lava blocks, which naturally provide calcium, a crucial nutrient in your bird’s diet.
Multi-Purpose: This chewing toy is perfect for a variety of birds, including parakeets, African Greys, Amazon Conure, Eclectus, and Cockatiel.


2. Wooden Exercise Platform

Wooden Exercise Platform

Give your bird the ultimate playground with this brightly colored, multi-functional bird swing and platform! Designed to captivate and engage, it is coupled with a vibrant, acrylic bird swing. The swing design not only keeps your beloved birds entertained but also helps them develop key skills while preventing boredom.


3. JW’s Hole Toy

JW's Hole Toy | Best Toys For Your Parakeet

Treat your birdie to an enticing foraging adventure! Stuff the Hol-ee Roller with her favorite treats and let her engage in a stimulating search for the hidden goodies. Turn treat time into an exciting quest!

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🎁 Benefits of Hol-ee Roller:
✔ Stimulates cognitive skills – Encourage problem-solving and learning.
✔ Provides entertainment – Say goodbye to boredom with endless play possibilities.
✔ Enhances beak health – The natural rubber texture supports healthy beak maintenance.


4. Mirror Toy

Mirror Toy

This toy creates the illusion of another playful companion, alleviating boredom and reducing your bird’s loneliness. Whether you have small parrot budgies, macaw, African grey, parakeet, cockatiel, conure, lovebird, finch, Amazon, eclectus, cockatoo, lorikeet, or any other feathered companion, our bird mirror is the perfect fit!


5. PENN-PLAX’s Playpen

 PENN-PLAX's Playpen

Specially designed for Parakeets, Lovebirds, and Parrotlets, this playpen is here to relieve stress and boredom while providing endless fun and excitement. The Small Bird Playpen boasts a 4-step ladder, 100% cotton rope with an acrylic toy, a playful swing, and a delightful copper bell – all included for their enjoyment.


6. Lelepet Wooden Ladder

Lelepet Wooden Ladder

Let your parakeet soar into a world of fun and exercise with this natural and vibrant ladder. Crafted from 100% safe and eco-friendly materials, this climbing ladder is the perfect addition to your pet bird’s cage.

Shaped like a charming bridge and adorned with a captivating bright green hue, this ladder boasts a unique design that’ll capture your bird’s heart. Watch as they joyfully hop up and down, staying active and engaged for hours on end.


7. SunGrow Wooden Chew Toy

SunGrow Wooden Chew Toy

If you want to keep your bird stimulated, you need this toy. The Wooden Bird Toy from SunGrow is designed in a fun, unique stacking style that gives your pet birds even more to explore. Circular wood blocks are woven into rope both vertically and horizontally so your bird can climb up the toy as he inspects and pecks.

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8. Foraging Shreds

Foraging Shreds

The 3857 Medium Shreddy from Bonka Bird Toys is the perfect toy for your small to medium-sized cherished feathered companion.

This hanging fun-filled trinket will alleviate cage boredom and enrich his cage surroundings. The large cardboard waffle box is stuffed at the top and bottom with natural-colored crinkly paper and natural cardboard slices, a fabulous array of beak-friendly materials.


9. Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Keep your bird engaged with this colorful treasure box! This toy is designed to promote instinctive activities that sharpen your bird’s intelligence and engage their vision. Foraging for food encourages preening and chewing, which keeps them healthy. The wooden shapes also encourage exploration and keep your bird entertained. It can also be filled with your pet’s favorite snacks, seeds, nuts, food, or treats. You can also add shredder paper for an extra challenge!


10. NiteAngel Coconut Hideaway

NiteAngel Hiding Coconut

Your bird will love this Coconut Hideaway! This toy is made from a combination of natural, eco-friendly materials that your feathered friend will love to play with. The hideaway comes with a ladder and a surface made of coconut shell and cotton rope, which encourages foot and beak exercise. It’s just the right size for small to medium-sized birds like budgies, lovebirds.


That concludes our list of the best toys for your parakeet. We hope you found what you were looking for and that this guide has helped you make the best choice for your pet. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below!

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