Comprehensive Questions about Fennec Foxes (All Answered)

Fennec Foxes have gained popularity in the exotic pet market. But there are questions.
Questions about Fennec Foxes

Welcome to our thorough guide addressing the various questions about Fennec Foxes when considering it as a pet. Known for their large ears, enchanting appearance, and unique behaviors, Fennec Foxes have gained popularity in the exotic pet market.

However, becoming a caretaker of such an exotic creature raises a host of distinct queries that we’re committed to answering in clear and concise terms.

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Our goal here is to provide potential Fennec Fox owners with necessary and insightful information.

About This Specie

Family: Canidae

Specie: Vulpes zerda

Class: Mammalia

Length: 18 – 31 cm (Adult + Tail) Ear: 6 inches

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Weight: 2 – 3.5 pounds

Gestation: 50 days

Conservation status: Least Concern

Frequently Asked Questions about Fennec Foxes as a Pet

  1. What is a Fennec Fox?

    A Fennec Fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa. They’re distinguished by their unusually large ears, which also serve to dissipate heat.

  2. Can I legally own a Fennec Fox?

    This depends on where you live. In some states and countries, it is perfectly legal to own a Fennec Fox. However, other places may require special permits, and some outright ban the ownership of exotic pets, Fennec Fox included.

  3. What kind of habitat does a Fennec Fox need?

    As a desert animal, a Fennec Fox needs a warm and dry environment. They dig burrows in the wild, so a large sand-filled enclosure would make them feel at home. They can also live indoors but need plenty of room to play and dig.

  4. What does a Fennec Fox eat?

    In the wild, Fennec Foxes eat a diet of insects, small rodents, lizards, birds, and eggs. A pet Fennec Fox’s diet can include commercial fox food, dog food, vegetables, fruits, and vitamin supplements.

  5. Is it difficult to care for a Fennec Fox?

    Fennec foxes require a lot of time, interaction, and socialization. They are not like traditional house pets and require a lot more attention and care. They also need to be handled regularly to get used to contact with humans.

  6. Are Fennec Foxes friendly?

    Fennec Foxes are active, playful, and can be friendly. However, being wild animals, they may also exhibit behaviors such as digging and chewing.

  7. Can a Fennec Fox be house-trained?

    The ability to house-train a Fennec Fox varies from animal to animal. Some may learn to use a litter box, while others may not. It’s essential to have a secure, easily cleanable area for them.

  8. How long does a Fennec Fox live?

    With proper care, a Fennec Fox can live up to 10-15 years in captivity.

  9. Do Fennec Foxes have any special health needs?

    Just like any other pet, Fennec Foxes should be taken to a vet for regular check-ups. As they’re exotic pets, it’s advisable to find a vet who specializes in exotic animals. Specific health concerns for Fennec Foxes include dental disease and problems associated with high-protein diets.

  10. Can a Fennec Fox live with other pets?

    Fennec Foxes might coexist with other pets in the home, but it strongly depends on the temperament of individual animals. As a safety precaution, they should always be supervised while interacting with other pets.

  11. How much does a Fennec Fox cost?

    The cost of a Fennec Fox can vary greatly, ranging from $1500 to $3500 dollars. This depends on factors such as breeder location, the fox’s age, and overall demand.

  12. Are Fennec Foxes noisy?

    Fennec Foxes are known for their high-pitched barks and howls, which can sometimes disrupt your household, especially at night since they’re nocturnal.

  13. How big do Fennec Foxes get?

    Fennec Foxes are the smallest of all the world’s foxes, but they’re still larger than a domesticated housecat. Their body length usually averages between 9.5-16 inches, with an additional 7-12 inches for their tail.

  14. Can Fennec Foxes be walked on a leash?

    Yes, with patience and training, Fennec Foxes can be walked on a leash, although they have a high-energy nature and may be prone to dart and dig.

  15. Do Fennec Foxes need vaccinations?

    Yes, similar to dogs and cats, Fennec Foxes need to be vaccinated against diseases such as rabies and distemper.

  16. What cognitive abilities does a Fennec Fox have?

    Fennec Foxes are quite intelligent. They are able to problem-solve and adapt to new environments. However, as wild animals, their behavior can be unpredictable.

  17. Can Fennec Foxes be left alone during the day?

    Fennec Foxes are, by nature, communal animals. They can be left alone for short periods but do not do well if neglected or left alone for long periods.

  18. Do Fennec Foxes smell?

    Fennec Foxes do have a natural odor as most animals do. Regular bathing and cage cleaning can minimize these scents.

  19. What are the risks of buying a Fennec Fox from unknown or unauthorized breeders?

    Like with any exotic pet, buying from unknown or unauthorized breeders can pose health risks to the animal and legal risks to the owner. Always check the legality and reliability of breeders before buying.

  20. Is it possible to release a Fennec Fox back into the wild?

    Releasing a pet Fennec Fox into the wild can be harmful and even fatal to the animal. It can also negatively affect local ecosystems.

  21. What type of licensing might be required to own a Fennec Fox?

    Licensure can vary widely depending on local legislation. It may include permits for exotic pet ownership, import licenses, or a breeder’s license. Always verify what is required in your area.

  22. What type of training is typically needed for a Fennec Fox?

    Training a Fennec Fox is often more challenging than commonly domesticated animals due to their inherent wild instincts. Regular socialization, consideration for their tendency to dig and burrow, and attention to their feeding habits are vital.

  23. Are there any common behavior issues in pet Fennec Foxes?

    Some common behavior challenges include high energy levels, a propensity for digging, and potential aggression if not properly socialized.

  24. Are Fennec Foxes endangered, and what are the implications of owning one?

    Fennec Foxes are not currently classified as endangered, but their populations in the wild are not well studied. Owning one should be accompanied by efforts to ensure the survival and well-being of wild populations.

  25. Can a Fennec Fox be spayed or neutered, and what are the implications?

    Fennec Foxes can be spayed or neutered much like cats or dogs. This can impact their behavior, making them somewhat less territorial and less prone to certain health problems.

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